New Positive Electronic Cigarette Studies’ List

Here is a list of newest studies on electronic cigarette proving that vaping is more health than smoking.

Study: Evaluation of E-Cigarette Liquid Vapor and Mainstream Cigarette Smoke after Direct Exposure of Primary Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
Found: E-Cigarettes are Less Toxic to Lung Cells than Tobacco Cigarettes

…if the toxicity of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette mainstream smoke is compared on basis of the same smoking parameters as well as the same number of puffs, the cell viability is about 4.5–5 times lower and the oxidative stress levels 4.5–5 times higher in combustible cigarettes.

Study: Quit and Smoking Reduction Rates in Vape Shop Consumers: A Prospective 12-Month Survey
Found: E-Cigs are Effective for Quitting Smoking

…combining availability of appealing e-vapour products for smoking substitution with professional advice from vape shops staff it is possible to achieve high and stable success rates. By promoting healthier life-style changes in smokers, vape shops may become valuable allies in the fight against smoking.

Study: Nicotine Levels and Presence of Selected Tobacco-Derived Toxins in Tobacco Flavoured Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquids
Found: E-cigarettes are orders of magnitude safer than tobacco cigarettes

…tobacco-derived toxins are lower by orders of magnitude in e-liquids compared to tobacco products. Characteristically, nitrosamines were 146-1447 times lower in e-liquids compared to tobacco products (in 1 mL liquid compared to 1 gram of tobacco), while nitrate was 1360 times lower.

Study: Factors associated with electronic cigarette users’ device preferences and transition from first generation to advanced generation devices
Found: Users of Newer-Generation E-Cigarettes are More Likely to Have Quit Smoking

…E-cig users commonly begin use with a device shaped like a cigarette and transition to a larger device with a more powerful battery, a button for manual activation and a wider choice of liquid flavors.

Study: Comparison of select analytes in aerosol from e-cigarettes with smoke from conventional cigarettes and with ambient air
Found: E-Cigarettes Produce Much Fewer Dangerous Chemicals than Cigs

…The main ingredients for the e-cigarettes tested were consistent with disclosed ingredients: glycerin and/or propylene glycol (?75%), water (?18%), and nicotine (?2%). Machine-puffing of these products under a standardized intense regime indicated a direct transfer of these ingredients to the aerosol while maintaining an aerosol composition similar to the e-liquid. Nicotine yields to the aerosol were approximately 30 ?g/puff or less for the e-cigarette samples and were 85% lower than the approximately 200 ?g/puff from the conventional cigarettes tested.

Study: Dependence levels in users of electronic cigarettes, nicotine gums and tobacco cigarettes.
Found: E-Cigarettes are Less Addictive than Cigarettes, Similar to Gums

…Dependence ratings were slightly higher in users of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes than in users of nicotine-free e-cigarettes. In former smokers, long-term (>3 months) users of e-cigarettes were less dependent on e-cigarettes than long-term users of the nicotine gum were dependent on the gum. There were few differences in dependence ratings between short-term (?3 months) users of gums or e-cigarettes. Dependence on e-cigarettes was generally lower in dual users than dependence on tobacco cigarettes in the two other samples of daily smokers.

Study: Health Survey for England – 2013
Found: Vaping in Non-Smokers is Extremely Rare

…3% of its 8,800 participants aged 16 and over were using the devices, which have become popular in recent years. Some 29% of smokers and 6% of those who had quit said that they had used an e-cigarette, whereas just 1% of people who had never smoked had done so. Few children have tried them.

Study: Effectiveness of the Electronic Cigarette: An Eight-Week Flemish Study with Six-Month Follow-up on Smoking Reduction, Craving and Experienced Benefits and Complaints
Found: Vaping in Non-Smokers is Extremely Rare

…In a series of controlled lab sessions with e-cig-naïve tobacco smokers, second-generation e-cigs were shown to be immediately and highly effective in reducing abstinence-induced cigarette craving and withdrawal symptoms.

Study: EffiCiency and Safety of an eLectronic cigAreTte (ECLAT) as Tobacco Cigarettes Substitute: A Prospective 12-Month Randomized Control Design Study
Found: vapers do successfully quit smoking quite often with electronic cigarette

…In smokers not intending to quit, the use of e-cigarettes, with or without nicotine, decreased cigarette consumption and elicited enduring tobacco abstinence without causing significant side effects.

Study: Development of a questionnaire to assess dependence on electronic cigarettes in a large sample of ex-smoking e-cig users
Found: E-cigarettes less addictive than cigarettes

…”We found that e-cigarettes appear to be less addictive than tobacco cigarettes in a large sample of long-term users,” said Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry, Penn State College of Medicine.

Study: Which Nicotine Products Are Gateways to Regular Use?
Found: E-Cigs are Not a Gateway to Smoking

…only 4.5 percent (59 individuals) had tried emerging tobacco products before anything else, and 78 percent (46 individuals) of those had tried e-cigarettes first. Only 3.2 percent of the sample were daily or non-daily vapers, compared to 8.6 percent who were daily or non-daily smokers.

And more…


So may new names, right? These new terms have confused most new vapers. So what’s the difference…Let me explain first:

Sorry for my poor English first, hope you can understand what the post all about :)

R – Rebuild-able: Means that the coil/wick of the atomizer is rebuild-able. We know that almost all atomizer coils can be rebuilt if you are expert, such as CE4 clearomizer or EVOD BCC. But here only means those atomizers with open electrodes designed for vapers rebuilding on it to get different resistance, and different amount of cloud.

D – Dripping: Drip the ejuice onto the wick through the drip tip manually when the ejuice run out.

T – Tank: the container to hold ejuice.

A – Atomizer: yes, you know what it is :)

So, here we get it:

RBA means: Rebuild-able Atomizer
RDA means: Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer
RTA means: Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer
RDTA means: Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer

but, What the differences?

First of all, we can call all of these “RBA”, cos all of these are designed for rebuilding. RBA is a general name, but there are something different between each other.

RDA: Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer

This is one of the most popular kind of rebuildable atomizer in the market, some vapers also call it “Dripper”. There is no tank included to hold ejuice for RDA, all you need to do is dripping ejuice directly to the wick and coil manually every time when the ejuice run out. The wick (organic cotton or silica wicks) will hold some ejuice for vaping. And now, almost all RDAs come with a juice well on the deck which can hold some extra ejuice for continuous vaping.

Here are some popular RDAs you might see in the market.


From left to right: Derringer RDA, Doge V2 RDA, Tugboat RDA V2, Plume Veil RDA V1.5

More details of RDA:

Juice well

Juice well is designed on the deck of RDA for holding extra ejuice for continuous vaping, since there is no tank included to hold ejuice and feed the wick. You can get a perfect hit every time by dripping the ejuice directly to the wick manually, but you don’t need to always drip since there are some extra ejuice held in the juice well to feed the wick.



Each RDA should have one positive post, usually located in the center of the deck, and one or more negative posts, usually they located beside or around the positive post. There maybe some different designs for the positive post, such as with 2 terminators for easy rebuilding (such as Plume Veil). The positive post is always insulated with heat-resistant insulation.


From left to right: Smok RDA, Dark Horse RDA, Onslaught RDA, Plume Veil RDA V1.5


Airflow is very important for vapor producing. More airflow needed if you want produce more cloud. There are many kinds of airflow design. And now the most popular design is the Adjustable Airflow Control system, users can get different airflow for their builds by adjusting the AFC ring.


From left to right

IGO-L: small un-adjustable air holes
Stillare: Adjustable slotted style air holes
Dark Horse: Adjustable and different size air holes
Mutation X V2: Adjustable and different admount of air holes

RTA – Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer

RTA looks like a tank atomizer (with clear tank or metal tank) but comes with a deck for you to build on. Most of the RTA has three main parts: Deck, Tank, Chimney. Here is some popular RTAs you might see in the market.


From left to right: Kayfun V4, Taifun GT V2, Aqua V2, Orchid V5

The Deck

The deck is the part for you to build coils on. Most of the decks are designed for single coil build, but there are some decks are designed for dual coil builds, such as the deck of Orchid RTA and Kayfun V4.


Different with the airflow design of the RDA, the air holes of RTA is located on the deck and you will get vertical airflow directly to the coils.

The grooves drilled on the side of the deck are the juice channels, the juice will flow into the wick after you put the chimney on.


This is the part to hold the juice. There are many different types of tanks available for different RTAs, such as stainless steel tank, pyrex glass tank, PMMA (Acrylic) tank and hybrid tank.


Kayfun V4 with different tanks


The chimney is a key part to connect the deck, the tank and the drip tip. The bottom section of the chimney screws on the deck, and the top section will connected directly to the drip tip. Yes, it’s looks like a Chimney, the vapors produced by the coil will go through the middle tube and then into your mouth.

RDTA – Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer

You know what it is when you read the name, yes, it’s RDA + RTA, with a tank to hold ejuice, and with a deck to build on, the difference is the function of “Auto Dripping”. You don’t need to pull off the top cap and drip onto the wick constantly, and it also have no channels for the ejuice flowing into the wick. They generally work by dripping onto your wick when you press down on the drip tip. It also named as “Auto Dripper”

There are some RDTAs available in the market.


From left to right: Magma, Big Dripper, Big Dripper V2, Giant RDTA

Let’s look at the inside of the Giant RDTA:


As you can see, the bottom part of the Giant RDTA is typically designed as an RDA, it comes with 3 posts rebuilding deck, airflow control ring. There is no channel drilled on the deck. But it comes with stainless steel tank to hold ejuice. There are 4 small holes drilled on the bottom of the base of the chimney, and a spring around the middle tube of the chimney. When you press the drip tip, the liquid is pressurized and a few drops are pushed down through the hole and onto your wick. Very smart design.

P.S. The Giant RDTA can be used as a RDA with an adapter cap.

Other Style

There is also another type of rebuildable atomizer named as “Genesis-style”, please click the link : About Cartridge / Atomizer / Cartomizer / Clearomizer / RBA and more… to get more info of this kind of atomizer.

Final Words

Sorry for my poor English again, since it’s not my mother language, hope you can understand all what I said :)

Hope this guild can help all new vapers understand the difference between each RDAs, and get the best RBA for you…

New Top 10 High Drain Batteries for Mechanical / High Wattage Mods – 2015

Power is always not enough for cloud chasers! They need larger capacity, bigger current, higher wattage to work with lower resistance and produce more cloud. In the same time, “Safe for Vaping” is a serious problem for all vapers. There are many different high drain batteries available in the vaping market since the big demand of them. Here we listed top 10 high drain batteries which has been tested and confirmed by experts and other vapers. They are welcomed not only for discharge, but also for the safety.

1: Sony VTC5 IMR 186650 Battery – 2600mAh, 30amp

As a world famous brand, the Sony VTC5 18650 3.7V 2600 mAh 30A IMR Battery is now the most popular item in the market. The IMR battery means it use Manganese chemistry, which is less volatile than the Cobalt chemistry (ICR Battery). The Sony VTC5 is great for mech / VW mods and sub-ohm builds with its continous 30A discharge current.


Specifications of Sony VTC5 battery:

  • Typical Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Min Capacity: 2500mAh
  • Max Continuous Discharging Current: 30A
  • Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
  • Voltage: 3.8V
  • Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V

Please also read: How to Distinguish Authentic and Fake Sony VTC5 Battery
Download: Technical Information of Sony US18650VTC5

2: *NEW* LG HE4 Hybrid 18650 Battery – 2500mAh, 20amp

The Sony VTC wasn’t the only player in the vaping market. LG is a trustworthy brand from Korea, and the newest LG HE4 is a new great alternative for Sony VTC batteries. The max discharging current of LG HE4 battery is 20amp, but the pulse current is 35amp. The LG HE4 can handle sub-ohm builds down to 0.2 ohms with it’s 20 amp discharge.


Specifications of LG HE4 battery:

  • Nominal Capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Max. Charge Voltage: 4.20V
  • Discharge End Voltage: 2.5V
  • Max. Continuous Discharging Current: 20A
  • Pulse Current: 35A

Download: Technical Information of LG 18650HE2

3: Samsung 25R INR 18650 Battery – 2500mAh, 20amp

As another world famous brand, Samsung also provide high quality batteries. The Samsung INR18650-25R battery is a hybrid style battery, which means it not only made of safer chemistry, but also has large capacity. You can have a nice vaping experience with the 20amp max discharging current and 2500mah capacity.


Specifications of Samsung 25R battery:

  • Nominal Capcity: 2500 mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Discharge End Voltage: 2.5V
  • Max. Continuous Discharging Current: 20A
  • Pulse Current: 35A

Download: Technical Information of Samsung INR18650-25R

4: *NEW* AW IMR 18650 Battery – 2200mAh, 20amp

The AW IMR battery has been recommended everywhere for it’s high quality. But here are something you should know is that: AW is a distributor, not a manufacturer. They buy high quality battery cells mostly from Panasonic and re-brand it. They sell their batteries in CPF forum, and the products are very well respected throughout the forum. A very mysterious brand :)


Specifications of AW IMR 18650 Battery

  • Nominal Voltage : 3.7V
  • Capacity : 2200mAH
  • Lowest Discharge Voltage : 2.50V
  • Standard Charge : CC/CV ( max. charging rate 2A )
  • Cycle Life : > 500 cycles
  • Max. continuous discharge rate : 20A

Visit the AW Battery Sales Thread Here: AW’s LiIon Batteries Sales Thread

5: Efest 18650 Purple Battery – 2500mAh, 35amp

A popular battery brand from China. The Efest 18650 Purple Battery provide both large capacity and high discharging current. But why NO.4 ? Cos they are re-wrapped LG HE2 battery, so the 35amp should be the pulse current, and the max continuous discharging current is 20A. They claim that they design and manufacture the cell themselves, the 35amp is the continuous discharging and the pulse is 70amp, but nobody knows cos there is no testing yet. We don’t believe that Chinese company have better battery technology than Sony and LG till now. Anyway it’s a great battery which has been accepted by most of vapers.


Specifications of Efest 18650 Purple Battery:

  • Rated Capacity: 2500mAh (High Drain)
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.8V / Peak Voltage: 4.2V
  • Maximum Rated Discharging Current: 35A
  • Maximum Charge Voltage: 4.2V

Download: There is no official PDF file of the technical information founded!

6: Mxjo IMR 18650 Battery – 2500mAh, 35amp

Mxjo is getting popular these days, it’s also made in China. So we don’t think it can be better than LG HE2…even we are from China! There are someone said it’s another re-wrapped battery but not confirmed yet. The 35amp is the pulse current. and the continuous discharging current is 20A, there is no professional testing report yet. The Mxjo battery has got many positive feedback for sub-ohm vaping, so we listed it here.


Specifications of Mxjo IMR 18650 Battery:

  • Typical Capacity: 2500mAh
  • Max Continuous Discharging Currentt: 20A
  • Max Discharge Discharging Currentt: 35A
  • Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
  • Voltage: 3.8V
  • Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V

Download: There is no official PDF file of the technical information founded!

7: AWT IMR 18650 Battery – 2500mAh, 35amp

Another new brand from China. Check their website and you’ll find out that they are distributor of many famous brand batteries, such as Sony, Samsung, LG and more…It’s also a re-wrapped LG HE2 battery based on the comments from CPF forum, or at least performs the same with LG HE2. A good battery, but the Continuous Discharging Currentt is 20A. The 35A printed on the label is just the pulse current.


Specifications of AWT 2500mah IMR 18650 Battery:

  • NominalVoltage : 3.70V
  • Nominal Capacity : 2500mAh
  • Charging Method : CC/CV 4.20V
  • Discharge Voltage : 2.50V (Average Cut Off)
  • Continuous Discharge Current : 30A
  • Max. Short Peak Discharge CC : 35A

Please read: AWT IMR18650 2500mAh (Yellow)

8: Orbtronic SX30 IMR 18650 Battery – 2100mAh, 30amp

Orbtronic SX30 is an excellent battery for any application that requires very high current. There is no 3rd testing report of this battery yet, some people from ECF said it’s a re-wrapped Sony VTC4 battery. Anyway, it’s a good choice to get that high capacity and large current with it’s reasonable price.


Specifications of Orbtronic SX30 IMR 18650 Battery:

  • Max. Continuous Discharge 30 A
  • Capacity 2100mAh
  • Nominal Storage Voltage 3.6V-3.7V
  • Standard Charging @ 1A-2A, 4.2V, CC/CV
  • Fast charging @ 3.9A max., 4.2V, CC/CV
  • Minimum Discharge Voltage Level 2.5V

9: Vamped IMR 18650 Battery – 2300mAh, 40amp

The Vamped battery is labeled as 40amp limit. It’s nothing new since it’s just the pulse current, the normal discharging current of Vamped battery is 20A. Maybe it’s just another re-wrapped battery but nobody knows, cos there is no 3rd testing report of this battery yet.


Specifications of Vamped 40A 18650 Battery:

  • Typical Capacity: 2300mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7V
  • End-of-charge Voltage: 4.20V±0.05V
  • End-of-discharge Voltage: 3.00 V
  • Normal Discharge Current: 20A
  • Max Discharge Current (Pulse): 40A

10: Subohmcell INR18650 Battery – 2800mAh, 35amp

Another battery from vapers for vapers. No 3rd testing report, but get some good comments.


Specifications of Subohmcell INR18650 Battery:

  • Nominal Capacity: 2800mAh
  • Discharge Current: 35000mA or 35A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Full charge Voltage: 4.2V

There are many other high drain batteries available on the market, such as EH, IMREN, XTAR, SIBEILE, VAPOWER and more, but most of them are re-wrapped battery since it will spend large sums of money to develop a new battery cell, only those big company can do this. Most of the battery companies just buy battery cells and rewrapp with their own logos…


Safety Notes About Electronic Cigarette Batteries

battery-explosion-150x150The safety of electronic cigarette has been talked a lot these days as there have been several reported incidents of ecig battery explosion. Just like airplane is safe even there are many accidents happened in the sky, the electronic cigarette exploding accidents are rarer than you think, it’s a safe electronic device. But since it’s all about your safety, and in another side, to avoid those organizations collecting more proofs to ban the electronic cigarette, we are going to take a look at some tips here to make sure that you keep your ecig batteries in safe status and stop them from exploding.

Please also read: How to Distinguish Authentic and Fake Sony VTC5 Battery?

Read more

Wow – American Lung Association Gave Themself Away

As we know that American Lung Association (ALA) is very active in the continued debate over electronic cigarette, and yes, they just against and incite to ban this harm reduction products with all sorts of different reasons – regardless of relevance or scientific evidence.

Thanks to Mnvapers, they had spend many times to find out why, and finally, they got the truth and posted here.

The reason is hidden in the grants report of Pfizer. Here is snippets from the grants reports from 2011-2014


Anything else needed? OK, here is the truth:

1: Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Linked To Over 500 Suicides: Should It Retain Its FDA Approval?

2: The People’s Pharmacy: Stop-smoking drug has hidden dangers

3: Smoking Cessation and Psychiatric Drugs Cause the Most Suicidal and Homicidal Reactions

And here is a big list of Side Effects of Chantix

Just search in Google News, and you will find more news about the side effects of Chantix.

And what do ALA do? They question the safety of electronic cigarettes and encourage smokers to use this suicide drug.

Are you kidding me ? The truth has been spoken!

Vaping Guide: Explain Ecigs to Me Like I’m 5 Years Old

For all new vapers: This post will explain electronic cigarette in details just like you are 5 years old.

OK, let’s do this right and dive into the extremely simple science behind electronic cigarettes, so theres no mystery:

This Is Resistance Wire

resistance-wireIt has a high resistance (duh). It is made for that purpose, and would be a horrible choice to use a source to efficiently transfer electricity.

This Is A Resistance Wire Coil

atomizer-coilElectricity comes in one end, and out the other. Unlike a battery, it doesn’t matter which side is positive or negative. Since we’ve wrapped a coil in the middle, and since the wire hs high resistance, the coil will get hot.

Congratulations! You now understand the fundamental circuitry of an ecig!

Wait… how is that a cigarette?

This Is A Wick Inside The Coil

wick-coil1If we put a piece of cotton or silica inside that coil, saturate it with ejuice, and heat it up, it will vaporize the liquid.

WTF is e-juice?e-liquid

E-juice / E-liquid is a pretty lame name for a mixture of the following:

Propylene Glycol (PG)
Aso used in: Food, Medicine, Cosmetic Products, Inhalers, Preservatives, Medical Oxygen Tanks. Basically everything.

Benefits in Ecigs: Superior flavor production, longer shelf life, very thin liquid generally increases the life of your wick.

Dangers: The FDA has deemed PG “generally recognized as safe” and “shows no evidence of being a carcinogen or of being genotoxic.”. However, a tiny percentage of people have an allergy to PG.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
Also used in: Food, Sweeteners, Medicine, Cosmetic Products, Soap.

Benefits in Ecigs: Superior vapor cloud production, sweet taste, syrupy consistency makes manual wicking easier.

Dangers: VG is used in excess all around the world safely, and is considered to have an extremely low toxicity when inhaled, ingested, or in contact with skin.

E-liquid vendors all have their recipes. But it generally involves precise mixtures of food flavoring. Some vendors go as far as making their own extracts.

Almost all e-liquid vendors in the USA include the option of having nicotine mixed into the e-liquid, giving it, more or less, the same chemical effect as smoking a normal cigarette. You can usually choose the nicotine strength.

What do the labels mean?

E-liquid labels typically contain the vendor name, the flavor name, the nicotine strength, and PG/VG mixing ratio. The nicotine is measured in milligrams per millititers. A pack of cigarettes contains about 36mg of nicotine, so for one 5ml tank of e-liquid to equal an entire pack of cigarettes, one would need about 7mg of nicotine strength in their eliquid.

If the E-liquid bottle says:
6mg 70VG/30PG
Then, as you’ve probably fingured out, you’re getting a mixture of 70% VG, 30% PG, with 6 milligrams per milliliter of nicotine added.

How much nicotine should I get then?

It depends.

If you’re a heavy smoker, and are using a small or disposable device, then you should feel comfortable somewhere between 12mg and 20mg. If you’re using a device that produces a lot of vapor, or you’ve smoked less than 20 cigarettes per day, then 6mg should be fine.

If you’re not a smoker, then the obvious choice would be to not get yourself addicted to nicotine and stick with 0mg.

WARNNING: A lot of people assume that “more is better” and buy the maximum amount of nicotine that they can. More is not better, unless extreme nausea and other effects of nicotine overdose are what you consider as “better”. Please understand that “vaping” 5ml of 32mg juice in a day is the nicotine equivalent of smoking almost 5 packs per day!



In almost every case, the ecigs you see in gas stations are horrible. They perform terribly, they taste terrible, they’re overpriced, and they’re usually only produced as an impulse buy. It is unfortunate that many people’s opinion of “vaping” has been degraded as a result of “gas station ecigs”. Hopefully this will improve as electronic cigarette use grows, but in the meantime, it is advised to visit a recommended vapor shop or ordering online.

Generally, there are 4 types of devices.

A device is what powers the coil that cradles the wick that heats you e-liquids.


disposable-ecigThey’re expensive, they taste bad, and they perform horribly. After all, their intended destination is in the trash.

THE GOOD: Convenience, no recharging, no refilling.

THE BAD: Terrible vapor quality and taste. Lots of duds (they simply stop working after a few puffs, or don’t work at all). Almost as expensive as smoking.

THE UGLY: This is a lot of peoples first impression to vaping, and ruins their willingness to try better products. There’s also nothing charming about adding more used batteries to our landfills.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Due to the long shelf life in convenience stores, these products can actually introduce some nasty things to your lungs from buring dry silica.



batterie-ego-T-ego-c-510-TThis is usually the starting point for many. Smokers are attracted to the portable, familiar, cigarette-like design. These are also the most commonly produced vapor devices. Unfortunately. while convenitent, they also usually have mediocre quality, and users typically upgrade soon after purchasing.

THE GOOD: Available virtually everywhere. Inexpensive if you take the time to find a deal. Has more of a cigarette feel.

THE BAD: Vapor quality leaves a loto to be desired. Prices vary wildly. Limited support for the industry’s best atomizers.

THE UGLY: Many devices have proprietary atomizer heads, forcing you to use that company’s products exclusively, and in some cases you’ll never see that company’s products anywhere but the truck stop in Montana where you bought the kit.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: There are thousands of companies claiming to have a superior product to their competition, but in many cases, they’re using the exact same product, made in the same Chinese factory, and simply branding their name on them.

SHOULD I BUY IT? Only if you’re incredibly frugal or skeptical about vaping. In a lot of cases, peoples experiences with these kits either drive them back to smoking, or have them buying a better kit for slightly more money a few weeks down the road.


vamo-v5What wa once an amenity to only the gekiest of vape hobbyists is now an affordable, easy to use, and mainstream solution that allows you to try just about anything the industry has to offer.

THE GOOD: Variable viltage and wattage allows you to adjust the heat in the coil, allowing you to use a wide range of atomizers from a wide range of companies. Many have features like battery life displays, overload protection, and OHM meters that you’ll certainly benefit from later. Almost all digital mods use the same size battery, making them more affordable and swappable.

THE BAD: Your device stops looking like a cigarette, and starts looking like a mini-flashlight. This was a little weird 3 years ago, but now these devices are quite common. digital mods, depending on brand and quality, can get expensive (though still a fraction of what smokers spend on cigarettes).

THE UGLY: The only ugly thing is some of the mods themselves.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: While a lot of people are intimidated by their initial complexity and size, digital mods provide you with a more satisfying vaping experience and taste.

SHOUD I BUY IT?: With the affordability and wide selection, everyone who vapes should have a digital mod by now. If you’re just starting, do not let the learning curve intimidate you. It’s quite simple (and will be explained below).


mechanical-modA step back to simplicity provides tinkerers and hobbyists with beautifully crafted and nearly indestructible devices. A good comparison would be trading in your new BMW for a 1966 Shelby Cobra.

THE GOOD: As simple as can be. Absolutely beautiful and rugged devices. With a lot of learning and tinkering, arguably the best vapor production and taste possible.

THE BAD: A lot of devices are custom works of art in themselves, and their price reflects that. There’s not much of a point to owning one until you’ve fotten very comfortable with building your own atomizers and thoroughly understanding how batteries work with resistance.

THE UGLY: It’s not unheard of for someone to build a sub-ohm coil and wind up with an exploding battery because they didn’t take the time to properly learn about amperage ratios and safety.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Due to the simplicity of the design, a lot of hobbyists are making their own mechanical mods, which is steadily becoming a genre of art.

SHOUD I BUY IT?: If you’ve read up to here and learned something new, no, You won’t see the real benefits of a mechanical mod until you’re building your own coils, which is probably a bit down the road.

What’s all this about ohms and volts?

Oh, yeah. Simple: ??

Just kidding. We’ll spare you an explanation of Ohm’s Law and let you Google that. All you need to know is that different coils have different resistaqnces. So a larger coil (higher resistance, lover ohm rating) will require more voltage to heat up. All atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers will label their resistance so you can adjust your device accordingly.

What’s better, variable voltage or variable wattage?

They’re essentially the same when used in a digital mod. You’re just increasing or decreasing power to the coil. You can’t taise the wattage without raising the voltage, and vice-versa.

What’s the difference between a cartomizer and a clearomizer? … and an atomizer?

They are all types of coil/wick combinations. They are what you screw onto your device/mod/battery.

Each has it’s own benefits and shorcomings, and “which is best” is completely subjective. Here’s a breakdown.


pre-filled-cartomizerTHE PRE-FILLED CARTOMIZER
Pros: Just plug and play.
Cons: Short-term performance
Taste: 3/10. Blech!
Vapor Prodcution: Dismal
Maintenance: Zero. Chuck it in the trash when you’re done (which will be soon)
Cost: Easiy the most expensive way to vape.

cartomizer-tankTHE CARTOMIZER TANK
Pros: An inexpensive and solid way to start.
Cons: Can be finicky
Taste: 8/10. Great
Vapor Prodcution: Great, although not always consistent.
Maintenance: They sometimes require attention some clog, some leak, some dry out, but many are perfect.
Cost: Replacement cartomizers are inexpensive, especially if you’re punching your own holes.

topfeed-clearomizerTHE TOP-FED CLEAROMIZER
Pros: Consistent performance
Cons: Uses juice a bit faster
Taste: 5/10. Acceptable, but far from great. There is a noticedle
Vapor Production: Conmsistent, huge clouds
Maintenance: Almost none. Replace the coil/wick and refill
Cost: Relacement wicks are a bit expensive, but not too far out of range of it’s competitors.

bottom-feed-clearomizerTHE BOTTOM-FED CLEAROMIZER
Pros: Good looking, promising technology. Some tanks are easily modifidable or rebuildable.
Cons: Inconsistency problems with replacement heads at time of writing.
Taste: 7/10. A very slight muting of juice flavor.
Vapor Production: Great
Maintenance: When the replacement heads work, almost none, when they don’t, a lot of annoyances.
Cost: Replacement heads are of average cost.

rebuildable-atomizerTHE REBUILDABLE ATOMIZER
Pros: Your hands and ideas define your vaping experience.
Cons: Your hands and ideas sometimes suck.
Taste: 10/10. So much that other things may start tastng dull.
Vapor Production: YOu may be annoyed that you can’t see the televison screen for 10 seconds after exhaling.
Maintenance: You’re building your own coil, so that alone means lots of tinkering and trial and error.
Cost: An entire year’s supply of replacement wire and wick will cost less than a pack of cigarettes in Chicago or New York.

Hopefully this helped explain what lies ahead in your wise transition from cigarettes to vaping. Quitting has never been so easy and fun!

Due to the rapid rate in which new vaping products are introduced, I advise using the resources below for epecific brand recommendations and information:
An excellent community that loves helping newbies make the transition to vaping and answers questions honesty and quicky.

Happy Vaping.


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Infographic: 6 Facts You Need to Know About Electronic Cigarette

Here is a infographic of some facts around the popular electronic cigarette. Hope you like it, they are:

1: Electronic cigarette is a device which is powered by battery to simulate smoking by vaporize eliquid in it. more healthy than traditional tobacco.

2: More than 95% of electronic cigarette are made in Shenzhen, China.

3: E-cigarettes were invented in 2003, and were available to buy by 2005. There are some countries have banned it totally, such as Brazil, Norway and Singapore.

4: Advocates and government is now fighting for the right of vaping

5: The global worth of electronic cigarette could increase to €7.5bn by 2017 – Estimates by Forbes.

6: FDA was / will and is currently working on regulate electronic cigarette.
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Heavy Vape E Liquid Joins Forces with Ecigator

Oklahoma City, OK, September 16, 2014 –(– “Our company is proud to be an agent for Ecigator and offer their top quality hardware to complement our premium e-liquid line that consists of over 100 different flavors. With the booming electronic cigarette industry, this solution provides improvements to the supply chain for distributors in the United States and helps them maintain a constant level of inventory coverage,” says John Schneider, President of Heavy Vape, Inc.

Until now, customers have had to deal with China directly and tie up operating capital for up to a month before receiving their product. This arrangement is intended to shorten the time it takes for a customer to receive their products and reduce the cost for distributors to maintain a constant level of product coverage. The centrally located Oklahoma warehouse can reach most points within the United States within three days.

Contact Information:
Heavy Vape, Inc.
John Schneider

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The Vaping Inspiration

First: We and all vapers respect the REAL original mod makers, such as Chi You mod from Mojo, Flip V3 by Advanced Vape Tech, and many others.

This post just collected some mods that are created by the inspiration of other products around you. Here we list 6 popular mods and will tell you where are these mods inspired from.

1: Itaste 134

Itaste 134 is a bomb in 2013s’ vaping market. Created and made by Innokin. It features the Gatling gun style and rotating-variable-wattage design. But this is not the first product that inspired by Gatling Gun, we have found that there is a flashlight use the same style, shown as below:


2: Panzer Mod

Panzer – a cool and classic mechanical mod created by Masterpiece Custom Vapes from Philippines. This mod hits just like a panzer, it’s a must have for many serious vapers. And this mods also have the same style as other product.


3: Scorpion Mod

The Scorpion mod by Ecigator is also inspired by splash light, which has got many positive feedback from users.


4: SkullGun Mod

And this unique mod is inspired by a lighter made in Yiwu, China. It’s made from brass with casting process. Another cool mod made by Ecigator.


5: Vapor Flask DNA30 Mod

The 30W Vapor Flask Mod has been created several months ago, and the shape is inspired by the wine pot, all outdoor enthusiasts should know this.


6: Dna 30 Nes Mod

Yes, it’s NES controller, and it’s 30W mod :)


And more…please suggest other Vaping Inspiration if know…

If you want to be a cool mod maker, you should have a variety of life experiences, then you can get inspiration from any products around your life.